Support Your Student with Finding Connection at WWU

Whether your student is living in the res halls, off campus or at home, we understand that these are exceptionally challenging times to make meaningful connections within a new campus community. Students are pivoting to virtual environments for online learning and adapting to the 'new norm' of meeting and socializing on screens as well. As parents and family members, you might be wondering what you can do to offer support as they find what feels like comfortable and safe ways to engage with other students. A great place to start is to see whether they are aware of the evolving ways Western has to connect as well as how to access those opportunities. We hope the following strategies will encourage helpful conversation as you continue to support your student's transition to Western.

WWU Email

Remind your student to check their WWU email account for notices from their academic programs about virtual activities and engagement opportunities.

Housing Connections 

On Campus: Ask your student if they’ve talked to their RA or Res Hall Director about feeling disconnected and for recommendations about current or upcoming Res Life activities and events they should virtually attend. 

Off Campus: Encourage your student sign up for the Off Campus Living newsletter (coming soon) and watch for virtual opportunities to engage and connect or chat with a peer advisor during their virtual office hours

Student Activities

Ask them about checking out WIN (Western Involvement Network). Navigate past the home page, which is the general landing page, to an Event link in the top menu that displays a variety of meetings, club activities, and campus events. Encourage your student to try to drop in to at least one virtual activity a week. 

Be Well WWU

Encourage your student to invest in their emotional health and make time to checkout virtual care packages, self-care workshops and resources through the Counseling and Wellness Center or connecting with peer health educators. Sign up for the BeWell newsletter to find out how to build skills to thrive in virtual environments. 


If your student finds it fulfilling and interesting to volunteer, there are opportunities to do so as a peer health educator here at Western or in the community through the Student Employment Center.

Family Resources

Make sure to sign up for the WWU Family Connection newsletter so you can be ready with great suggestions on how to help your student navigate and find connection through the latest resources and programs. You might also find it useful to reference the Community Connections section of the New Viking Handbook.

Have questions? Let's chat! Feel free to schedule an appointment during the Family Outreach Manager's Office Hours