Fall Advising & Orientation

Fall Advising & Orientation 2020

August 3, 4, 5, 6 High Credit (45+ Credits) only*

August 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31 and September 1, 2, 3

*The first four Fall A&O sessions are designated specifically for “High Credit” first-year students – those who reported on their application for admission that they will be entering Western with 45+ credits.


Make Your Reservation Now

Fall Advising & Orientation (Fall A&O) is for new First-Year & Running Start students and supports your transition to campus with a campus orientation, academic advising, and class registration program. This year, the Fall A&O program will be presented via virtual delivery. As in previous years, students will make an online reservation to attend a session date to complete their academic advising and course registration process for fall classes. The Fall A&O 2020 program will have 20 one-day sessions.

Advising & Registration Session Schedule

As a part of Fall A&O, students will participate in a one day Advising and Registration session held in Zoom. While students must be available from 8:30am – 4:30pm, they will not be spending the entire day on Zoom. Students must make a reservation via the Admitted Student Portal in order to attend.  

8:30am – 11:00am 


Program Check-in and Advising Session (REQUIRED), Zoom 

Required for class registration. Students will be provided a Zoom link in advance of their session. 

11:00am –1:00pm 


Drop-In Advising Lab (Optional), Zoom 

Intended for students who are interested in continued academic and course planning and have further questions. Students will be provided a Zoom link in order to access this drop-in lab.  

Academic Department Advising (Drop-In, Optional), Zoom 

This will be offered during the High Credit Sessions of Fall A&O (Aug. 3-6). Advisors will be available virtually on a drop-in basis to provide advising specific to declaring a major, transfer credit questions, and course overrides. Students are welcome to contact academic departments in advance of their advising and registration session. Department availability for Fall A&O non-High Credit sessions varies (Aug. 10-Sept. 3). 

1:00pm – 4:30pm 

Individual 30 Minute Registration Appointments (REQUIRED), Zoom 

Students will be assigned to a 30-minute individual advising time where they will meet with an advisor from their morning group and register for fall quarter courses.  

Drop-In Advising Lab (Optional), Zoom  

This will be offered for students who have further questions before or after their assigned 30-minute registration appointment. 

Orientation Events

Additional virtual orientation events and activities will be offered over the course of the session dates. Orientation offerings for new students and family members will include pre-recorded informational presentations by campus departments and resource offices, live webinar events, and opportunities for new students to connect to current students to support your transition into the Western community. A more detailed schedule of orientation events and offerings will be published in mid-July.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fall Advising & Orientation (Fall A&O) program is Western’s orientation, academic advising, and course registration program for new first-year and Running Start students. Fall A&O provides critical support to new students as you navigate the academic advising and class registration experience. In addition to developing core academic preparation skills, students will also learn about campus life and services, gain a better understanding of Western's academic expectations and resources, meet with helpful faculty, staff and student advisors, and begin connecting with fellow new and current WWU students. 

The Fall A&O 2020 program will be a virtual experience. Students will complete an online reservation to sign up for one of twenty sessions. Students will have access to an online academic advising preparation module prior to your session, as well as a virtual advising session in small groups with faculty/staff advisors during the program.  

Reservations for Fall A&O 2020 will open on Wednesday, July 1st. 

While the academic advising and course registration sessions are for students only, orientation events and resources are open for both students and family members to access.  

For Orientation, new students and parents/family members will be able to access a wide variety of resources and events that will be curated on the New Student Services/Family Outreach website. We are currently coordinating with campus offices to offer virtual tours, live webinars, pre-recorded presentations, and links to key resources. Our goal is to create a variety of engaging offerings that students and family can explore and experience together, navigate at your own pace, and connect to campus departments as you need. 

Additionally, we encourage family to review the Preparing for WWU webpage for some required and recommended steps for students take to prepare for their overall orientation, advising, and registration process and transition to Western. 

Attendance at the Fall Advising & Orientation (Fall A&O) 2020 program is required for new first-year and Running Start students. The Fall A&O program is the opportunity for students to receive academic advising, assistance in preparing for course registration, and register for Fall Quarter classes. All first-year and Running Start students must complete a Fall A&O session in order to register for classes. 

New first-year and Running Start students for Fall 2020 will register during the Fall A&O program on the date of their session. First-year and Running Start students are required to attend Fall A&O.

Students must make an online reservation to sign up for a Fall A&O session using the Admitted Student Portal. Incoming students for Fall 2020 have been provided instructions via email from the Office of Admissions for logging into the Admitted Student Portal. If you need assistance logging into the Portal, please contact the Office of Admissions. Reservations for the program are anticipated to open on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. 

You will be asked to select a date as well as an Advising Group based on your area of academic interest or intended major as a part of your reservation. You are encouraged to make your selections based on what works best for you. Because of the limits on advising group space, it is possible that your first choice of advising group may be full on a particular day.  If this occurs, you may try making a reservation for another session date. You may find your first choice of advising group is available on another day. 

If it is more critical to ensure your attendance on a specific date, select the date you desire and simply select another advising group. Even if you select an advising group that is not in the area of your intended field of study, don’t worry! There is standardized information presented in every advising group. You will also be able to connect with advisors in academic departments prior to registration. 

Please see “Which advising group should students choose?” for more information about advising groups. 

When making a reservation, students will be asked to select an Advising Group based on your area of academic interest or intended major. If you are still exploring possible majors, you can also choose a group for undecided students where you will work with advisors familiar with helping students explore various major options. You’ll be placed in this group for your academic advising and class registration sessions during the program. In the group advising session, you will work with an advisor who best meets your area of academic interest or intended major. 

Selecting a particular Advising Group (for example, “Social Sciences” or “Humanities”) does not lock you into any long-term commitment about a degree area, but rather supports your initial exploration in a general academic area. All academic advisors in all the advising groups present the same preparatory information about advising at Western and can support your creation of a solid class schedule! 

The following is a list of Fall A&O advising groups. Please note that some advising groups meet only on Monday or Wednesday sessions and others meet on only Tuesday or Thursday sessions. See below for more detail on when certain advising groups are held. If you don’t see your desired group listed after selecting a session date when making your reservation, the group is full for that date. Please either choose another advising group or select another date. 

Please note:  

  • To ensure appropriate academic advising, only students who reported on their application for admission that they will be entering Western with 45+ credits will be able to make a reservation for one of the first four Fall A&O sessions, August 3, 4, 5 and 6.  

  • Only students who have been admitted into Fairhaven College, the Honors Program, or a Music major will be placed into those advising groups. 

Advising groups offered on Monday and Wednesday sessions:  

August 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 31 and September 2 

Advising Group Example Majors

Business and Economics 


Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, Marketing, or Operations Management 


This group is for Early Childhood Education and Special Education majors only. 

Please note: The majority of students seeking certification in Elementary Education or Secondary Education must choose an academic major before applying to Woodring College of Education. Please choose an advising group that matches your academic interest. If you have questions prior to making your reservation, please contact the Academic Advising Center at 360-650-3850 for clarification. 


Students who have been accepted into Fairhaven will only be provided Fairhaven as an option for an advising group. If you have not been accepted, you will not see this option. 


Students who have been accepted into the Honors Program will only be provided Honors as an option for an advising group. If you have not been accepted, you will not see this option. If you have any questions, please contact the Honors Program at 360-650-3034. 

Huxley College of the Environment 

Environmental Science Programs: Environmental Science, Freshwater and Terrestrial Ecology, Marine Science, or Toxicology  
Environmental Studies Programs: Energy Policy Management, Environmental Education, Environmental Policy, Environmental Studies, Geography, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, or Environmental Studies 

Math, Science & Engineering 


Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Energy Science and Technology, Engineering, Geology, Marine and Costal Science, Math, Physics, or Statistics 



Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Veterinary, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therapy, and all other pre-healthcare areas.   

Please note: Pre-Healthcare areas are not majors at Western. Students pursuing pre-healthcare professions can major in any area. This advising group will help prepare you towards your pre-healthcare interest and connect you with advisors who specialize in this area


Advising groups offered on Tuesday and Thursday sessions: 

August 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27, and September 1, 3 

Advising Group Example Majors

Fine and Performing Arts 

Art, Art History, Dance, Design, or Theatre 


English, Communication Studies, History, Humanities: History of Culture, Journalism, Modern and Classical Languages, Philosophy, or Religion and Culture 


Students who have been accepted into the Music major will only be provided Music as an option for an advising group. If you have not been accepted, you will not see this option. 

Social Sciences 

Anthropology, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Human Services, Political Science, Psychology, Pre-Law, Recreation Management and Leadership, Sociology, or Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 



Still exploring your interests?That’s okay! If you do not have a strong interest and commitment to an academic discipline, or have not identified your academic major, please select the undecided group. 



Advising and Registration sessions will be held in Zoom. Students will be provided instructions via email regarding how to join their Zoom meeting 48 hours prior to the session check-in time. We recommend that students participate in Zoom with a laptop or tablet to maximize their experience. 

Please make sure you are familiar with the Zoom platform. Check out Western’s Intro to Zoom for Students for more information. Students will need internet access for course registration. Check out Western’s Keep Connected (internet connectivity) video.  

If you are concerned about your ability to participate in an advising and registration session in Zoom please contact New Student Services/Family Outreach office at 360-650-3846 or at nssfo@wwu.edu.

If you want to change the session date or advising group that you selected when you made your reservation, please cancel your reservation by following the “Cancel Reservation” link in the confirmation email you received. After you have cancelled your reservation, return to the Admitted Student Portal to make a new reservation. You may cancel your reservation up to 7 days prior to your session date. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee space will be available in your desired session date or advising group. To confirm a particular advising group or date is available before cancelling your current reservation, please contact New Student Services/Family Outreach at nssfo@wwu.edu or 360-650-3846.

There are several required actions that all new students must take prior to their first quarter at Western, some of which need to be completed prior to your advising and registration session. Please view our Preparing for WWU page for a list of required and recommended actions for new students. Students can also log into the Admitted Student Portal to keep track of the status of measles clearance, the receipt of final transcripts, and Transitions | Fall A&O reservations. If you need assistance logging into the Portal, please contact the Office of Admissions

WWU is an equal opportunity institution. For disability accommodations, please contact the New Student Services/Family Outreach office, 360-650-3846, or NSSFO@wwu.edu.