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Orientation Student Advisors

What is an OSA?

New Student Services/Family Outreach employs a diverse team of dedicated and enthusiastic student leaders as Orientation Student Advisors (OSAs) to welcome and assist new students and families with their transition to Western. OSAs lead presentations about campus and community resources, facilitate group activities and discussions, and work collaboratively with peer and professional staff to create a positive orientation experience.

For full information on wages, time-commitment, and minimum qualifications please see our Position Description.

  • OSA Staff Group Photo 2018
    OSA 2018
  • OSA Staff Group Photo 2017
    OSA 2017
  • OSA Staff Group Photo 2016.
    OSA 2016
  • Group photo of OSA staff 2015 in front of the fountain in red square.
    OSA 2015

OSA Testimony

OSA Britney Taylor

"Being able to be a small part of this new chapter for students and their families is such an honor. They are diving headfirst into something totally new, and we’re able to do our part in guiding them through it. Having the ability to impact fellow students and be one of the first people to welcome them to Western is something I’ll never forget." - Britney Taylor, OSA 2018

OSA Lara Mangulabnan

“Being an Orientation Student Advisor was one of the most rewarding and amazing jobs I have ever experienced. Not only was I able to express my love for Western to hundreds of incoming students, but I was also able to do it surrounded by the most committed and genuine staff members. This job taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and be professional, while still being myself and I am forever grateful!” - Lara Mangulabnan, OSA 2018

OSA Molly Engelberg

"This was the first job I got all on my own, not using any connections through my parents. The feeling of independence carried through the whole summer--working away from home, being trusted to run an orientation session with my partner, and cultivating a social life with my coworkers outside of the orientation programs. I am so thankful for this job, the confidence and lifelong friends it has given me!" - Molly Engelberg, OSA 2018