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Academic Student Advisors

What is an ASA?

The Academic Advising Center (AAC) employs motivated student leaders as Academic Student Advisors (ASAs) to assist new students with orientation, academic advising and registration in their transition to the academic, personal, and social experience of Western Washington University. During orientation programs, ASAs make important connections with new students and families, share valuable campus and community resources, facilitate group advising information and registration sessions, and work collaboratively with peers, professional staff, and faculty to create a positive and successful advising and orientation experience in alignment with AAC mission and goals.

  • ASA Group Photo 2018, taken in front of Old Main
    ASA 2018
  • ASA Group Photo 2017
    ASA 2017
  • ASA Group Photo 2016
    ASA 2016
  • Group photo of 2015 ASA employees in front of the fountain in red square
    ASA 2015

ASA Testimony

ASA Sophie Chang

"Becoming an Academic Student Advisor gave me the chance to work with a wonderful team of student advisors and opened doors to other educational opportunities here at Western. Through the program I was able to build valuable professional skills all while working with faculty and staff to orient incoming students. If you are someone who is looking to get connected to the campus community, build professional relationships, and be a resource to other students this is the job for you!" - Sophie Chang, ASA 2018

ASA Chris Lovgreen

"The ASA position is an exciting opportunity to expand your knowledge of Western, improve as a public speaker, and build lasting connections with faculty. By working one-on-one with new students, my interpersonal skills flourished, and by presenting frequently, I grew confident in front of large audiences. Being an ASA has given me tools and experiences that I use in both academic and professional roles." - Chris Lovgreen, ASA 2018

ASA Mara Miller

"I thought being an ASA would help me meet new students, become intimately familiar with classes Western offers and help me develop my leadership skills. Although the position did all these things, I value the confidence that it has instilled in me the most. It helps me every day while talking to professors or going to interviews or having a conversation with friends. I have matured into a strong and confident young woman and I attribute much of that to the ASA position and surrounding staff." - Mara Miller, ASA 2018