Forming Support Networks

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Healthy communities integrate and regulate their members.

Help your student connect and engage with others as a means of fostering resilience, tenacity, and self-forgiveness through the following tools and resources.

How to support your student when they encounter setbacks and struggles:

  • Stay in touch and use the Do you speak Western? resource to learn the common acronyms and language used at Western.
  • Encourage them to reach out to their professors during their faculty office hours (as noted in their course syllabus).
  • Connect with academic advisors and academic support coordinators  during their drop-in hours or peer mentors to ask for help to work through next steps.
  • Have them contact Western’s Office of Student Life for help with Basic Needs and essential resources.
  • For emergency financial assistance, students can apply for Western's emergency fund scholarship to cover an expense that would otherwise prevent them from completing their studies.