Local Farms Brunch in a Box Meal Kit

Here’s to an amazing morning! Start with Bellingham Coffee Roasters, WWU Viking Blend, Sauk Farm fresh pressed honeycrisp apple cider, Crave coffee cake mix with William’s Farms dried blueberries to be served with Marie’s Bees honey.

Bake a chef curated Northwest Frittata with delicious feta cheese from Appel Farms, Spice Hut Seafood Seasoning package, Lummi Island Smoked Salmon, or keep it vegetarian with spinach. You will have a few standard ingredients to supply; recipe and shopping list will be included in your box

  • Bellewood Farms Honey Crisp Apples
  • Your Choice of Spinach & Feta Frittata Recipe or Smoked Salmon Frittata created with:
    • Appel Farms Feta
    • Spice Hut Spice Blend
  • Crave Catering Coffee Cake Mix created with:
    • Williams Farm Blueberries
  • Marie’s Bees Honey
  • Sauk Farms Cider
  • Bellingham Coffee Roasters Viking Blend

Some ingredients will need to be provided by recipient.

$64 serves 2 plus shipping; $109 serves 4 plus shipping

Order by Oct. 4 to be delivered by Oct. 16 / Order by Oct. 9 for pickup in Red Square at WWU from 11:00 AM to 1:00PM on Oct. 16.

Questions about your order or contents of your order? Please call Crave Catering at 360-223-4900.