New Freshmen/Running Start students who are entering Western beginning Fall quarter have two options for completing their required academic advising, orientation, and registration process. There are 8 two-day sessions offered in August (called “Summerstart”) and one two-day session offered in September (called “Fall Advising & Orientation”). The two programs vary slightly in their format and some schedule content, however, the academic advising session, registration preparation support, and registration process are the same.

Summerstart offers a full student orientation program as well as a full family orientation program. Historically, about 50% of students attending Summerstart will bring one or more family members who participate in the family orientation program.

For students, there is no fee to participate in Summerstart - the cost is covered by the one-time $280 enrollment fee. For parents/family members, there is a cost to participate in the Family Orientation program and the Family Orientation fees are outlined in our FAQ section, FAQ #5.

Summerstart Dates

  • Session #1: August 6-7*
  • Session #2: August 8-9*
  • Session #3: August 10-11
  • Session #4: August 13-14
  • Session #5: August 15-16
  • Session #6: August 17-18
  • Session #7: August 20-21
  • Session #8: August 22-23

*High Credit Summerstart Sessions
Sessions 1 and 2 are reserved for those freshmen entering Western with 60 or more college credits earned while in high school. It is designed for new freshmen who have fulfilled many, or all, of Western’s General University Requirements (GUR). It is not recommended for students with fewer than 60 credits.

Reservations for Summerstart are now CLOSED

New freshmen who do not attend Summerstart must make a reservation to attend Fall Advising & Orientation to complete your orientation, academic advising, and class registration process for Fall Quarter. Reservations for Fall Advising & Orientation will open around midday, Friday, July 27th.

If you have any questions about the Summerstart program or getting started at Western, contact New Student Services/Family Outreach at 360.650.3846 or