Fall Advising and Orientation

Fall Advising & Orientation

Fall Advising & Orientation (Fall A&O) is for new first-year students (Freshmen/Running Start) and supports your transition to campus with a campus orientation, academic advising, and class registration program. Fall A&O is composed of 9 session dates, and each session is a two-day program, featuring a student orientation as well as family orientation experience. For 2019, there are 8 sessions in August, and 1 session in September.

Fall Advising & Orientation 2019 (Freshmen/Running Start Advising & Orientation)

  • Session #1: August 5-6*
  • Session #2: August 7-8*
  • Session #3: August 9-10
  • Session #4: August 12-13
  • Session #5: August 14-15
  • Session #6: August 16-17
  • Session #7: August 19-20
  • Session #8: August 21-22
  • Session #9: September 22 - 23

Classes begin Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Session Overview

While the academic advising information and class registration process are the same for every session, the program content and schedule are different between the August and September sessions.

The August sessions (both the student and family schedules) offer a more in-depth and concentrated point of connection for participants. In September, there are other campus events occurring within Fall Opening, including residence hall move-in. The September two-day schedule is not able to be exactly replicated, however, the foundational components for academic advising, orientation to campus resources, and class registration are. Additional support workshops are offered prior to classes starting and students attending the September session are strongly encouraged to access those workshops as well.

The August sessions offer significant space to accommodate almost all incoming new first-year students, so we work to fill those sessions first. The September session is more reserved for students who absolutely can’t make the August dates (e.g. students admitted late summer, out-of-state, etc.). We recommend planning early and arrange to attend an August session if at all possible. We also subsequently stagger the opening dates of the reservation system for the August and September sessions (see below) with the intention of filling the August dates first.

Overall, the Fall Advising & Orientation program is designed to help you begin your Western experience with confidence and success. There are trained faculty, staff, and student advisors to guide your process during every session and help give you the tools you need to get anchored. Your participation will help you feel more comfortable and prepared to begin your career at Western.

Next Steps for Incoming Fall Students

  • Bookmark the Fall Advising & Orientation home page on the WWU New Student Services/Family Outreach website.
  • Mid-April: More detailed information about the Fall A&O program will begin to appear on the website, including FAQ’s, academic advising preparation info, family orientation fee info and updates, and next steps to help you prepare for your orientation experience.
  • Early June | Late July: All students are required to make an online reservation via the Fall A&O website to sign up for a session. Reservations for the August session dates will open in early June; reservations for the September session will open in late July. (Specific opening dates will be confirmed by mid-April.)
  • Reservations & Orientation Fees: There is no additional fee for students to attend and complete their orientation, advising, and registration process (cost is covered by your Enrollment Fee). There are Family Orientation fees – if a student has family coming to orientation, you can sign up your family and pay the family orientation fees online at the time of making your reservation. (Family Orientation fee information will be posted to our website in mid-April.)

We encourage you to explore this website in the coming months to help you prepare and get more familiar with the programs. We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus! Welcome to Western!